My name is Becky, in 2017 I had the opportunity to branch out on my own and have my own business which I am very proud of and also excited to be able to have the opportunity to be with animals all day.
Throughout my childhood I have always had pets, from ducks to hamsters to cats and dogs, so my love of animals has always been there.
Unfortunately, my two English springers that I had for many years passed away. I miss them both terribly, however, they were my motivation to become a success and carry out my lifelong dream to have my own business, where I can be with animals whatever breed all day every day. My long term plan is to have my own premises for a doggy day care, but for the short term I will be running the day care from my home.

I am pleased to say that two years on since losing my boys I have now two adorable female cocker spaniels who I adore, and wouldn't be without them, they both have their own personality, one is very chilled out and the other is more lively!. they come with me on my walks with the other pooches and they love playing with all the dogs I'm with for the day, obviously if there are pooches that don't like to mix, then I will leave my girls at home and then pick them up afterwards. 

Before I started up this business,  I was working for her majesties Prison service, where I was there for 14 years. where everyday was never the same, and having to endure some tough scenes and issues that will always stick with you, Then prior to the prison service I was in the Armed Forces where I served in Germany. Both jobs gave me confidence and experiences that I will always cherish.

I know that both jobs came with stresses, so having this opportunity to have my own business is a great achievement and I am proud of myself to have the best job in the world now.